Ready Vet Go!

The kid-sized veterinary clinic that’s always on the move!

Put on a pint-sized vet coat and stethoscope, grab a clipboard, and take on the role of veterinarian, groomer, trainer, or pet “parent.” With real animal x-rays, an exam table and all the necessary tools, you can nurture the neighborhood pets back to health. 

This exhibit is mobile. You may find it in different places throughout the Museum depending on room availability. In some cases, Ready Vet Go may not be available at all.

Educational Concepts and Skill Development

This Playscape is carefully designed to support the development of these important early learning principles:

  • Social/Emotional Interactive Growth: Sharing and taking turns with peers
  • Large Motor Skills: Dressing and sweeping
  • Fine Motor Skills: Hand-eye coordination - holding animals and manipulating tools
  • Creative Thinking: Imaginative pretend play and dress up
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Role play in a veterinarian clinic, visual/spatial skills
  • Arts: Dramatic role-playing
  • Community Awareness: Role of a veterinarian in the community
  • Safety: Pet health and safety

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Play & Learn Together

  • Encourage curiosity and learning by using x-rays and vet tools
  • Take on the role of a new patient at the receptionist desk and walk through what a real visit would entail

Target Age

3 – 6 years
but fun for all ages!